ABD Laboratory is fighting the global shortage of laboratory consumables

Purchasing equipment is a one-off, but the demand for consumables is repetitive and greater than ever.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test has been performed on millions of people. These results led to a worldwide shortage of laboratory consumables, especially PCR plates, PCR tubes, pipette tips and other laboratory products. However, this manufacture of laboratory consumables must be of high quality as it should not hamper medical testing or scientific research efforts.

ABD Laboratory

The Department of Defense (DOD) even awarded $33 million contract to Tecan for the production of pipette tips for Covid-19 tests. The laboratories, hospitals and research centers have high standards, namely high-precision molds to ensure compatibility with high-tech medical equipment. Such first-class laboratory products usually end up in government agencies and world-renowned research institutes. So what about the rest of the labs and centers? ABD lab aims to address the issues on a global scale by offering high quality PCR Plates, PCR Tubes, etc Filter pipette tips. The filter tips are designed to protect pipettes and samples from contamination, perfect for PCR amplification applications and essential for liquid handling in everyday laboratory procedures.

Unlike the one-time purchase of thermal cycler equipment, the demand for consumables is repetitive, such as PCR tubes, which are made of polypropylene and are ideal for all types of PCR protocols. They are compatible with standard and popular thermal cycler blocks. The deep seat caps ensure a contamination-free environment. Convenient combo packs of caps and tubes simplify bulk sourcing procedures. The volume can be as small as 0.1ml, 0.2ml for quick testing. The 8 strips are even more popular than individual tubes for high productivity.

ABD Laboratory - Pipette Tips
ABD Laboratory – Pipette Tips

With 96 wells for multiple sampling and efficient operation, the PCR plates are available in both non-frame and half-frame versions to suit different equipment models. All plates are autoclavable and free of human DNA, DNase and RNase. They promise consistent and accurate heat transfer and are ideal for high-throughput screening.

Our mission is to provide the research and clinical testing labs with great products and services.‘ quoted by Zhihui Sha, CEO of ABD Laboratory, ‘We also provide OEM and ODM customization services for commercial purposes.

During the pandemic, ABD has helped hundreds of institutes around the world by supplying their facilities Covid-19 tests and research needs. Whether it’s PCR testing or custom IVD products through high-precision 3D graphics, ABD is always there to meet the growing needs of the industry.

To learn more, visit https://www.abdtest.com/products.html

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ABD Laboratory is a laboratory supplier for global research institutes, hospitals, universities, biotech companies, commercial companies and more. The company develops, manufactures and exports laboratory products such as filter-pipette tips, deep-well plates, PCR plates, PCR tubes, petri dishes, centrifuge tubes, tip combs, sample containers and various other laboratory consumables to support scientific research and clinical testing .



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