Kingsknowe Edinburgh Builders provide employment opportunities amid Brexit and COVID

Hiring of new employees and training of new apprentices in bricklaying and stonemasonry

Kingsknowe is the fastest growing construction and landscaping company in Edinburgh, Scotland. Like any other industry, the construction industry has been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic. Just as things are starting to settle down, a new variant keeps popping up, making life very difficult for small business owners and those in the service industry. Kingsknowe has also emerged as a front runner amid the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. The company has overcome several challenges such as: B. the lack of essential materials like cement, bricks etc. The other big challenge is the lack of skilled craftsmen and companies are still facing this problem due to which they are unable to take on many projects.

Kingsknowe Building & Landscaping

Despite these challenges, Kingsknowe Building & Landscaping has continued to grow, hired new staff and now has a team of over 16 qualified and trained employees. The company will continue to hire and train new bricklaying and stonemasonry apprentices. As one of the leading Builders in Edinburghthe company offers year-round services for residential and commercial real estate. They offer comprehensive construction services that include earthwork, masonry, stonework, paving, walling, driveways, landscaping, extensions and remodeling. Kingsknowe are renowned for being the best bricklayers in Edinburgh, carried out by highly qualified builders with several years of combined experience.

Anyone looking to make a career change or improve their skills now is the right time to join Kingsknowe. The company is looking for new employees who would like to be part of the ever growing Edinburgh construction companies. And experience Bricklayers in Edinburgh are always welcome to join the team and be part of some of the most prestigious projects at large scale. There are several on-the-job benefits for bricklayers. From working outdoors through long summer days to working on new projects, one can also hone their skills and contacts that will help them build their own business in the future.

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The industry is seeing a surge in new housing construction across Scotland which means there will be a need for experienced bricklayers in Edinburgh. Usually companies need bricklayers on a temporary basis, but in Kingsknowe’s case it’s all about building a new team with new trainees which benefits both the company and the new employee. As well established Edinburgh building contractors they always aim to deliver the highest quality and standard in all their work including stonework, chimney restoration, concrete repairs, retaining walls, drains, conversions and extensions, pavers, brick BBQs and patios, civil engineering , patios & driveways, garages & horticulture, jointing & wall construction, basements, commercial construction and project management.

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Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Kingsknowe Building & Landscaping have been providing professional building and refurbishment services for over 10 years. They offer a wide range of services including earthworks and foundations, paving and driveways, masonry and brickwork, landscaping, new construction, renovation, stone carving and more for residential and commercial clients.



Kingsknowe Building & Landscaping

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Kingsknowe Building & Landscaping

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