Leading manufacturer of cabin curtain systems PRVC Systems announces a wide range of fabrics for cabin curtains

PRVC Systems recently announced a wide range of fabrics for its cabin curtain system. The new fabrics are easier to clean, look good and are durable, which is what a hospital curtain should be

PRVC systems announced earlier last week that the company had introduced some new fabrics for its hospital curtain rails, or cubicle curtains. The new fabrics make cleaning hospital curtains easier; They are more stain resistant and durable. The so-called tone-on-tone PRVC systems offer cabin curtain fabrics from some of the country’s leading mills. The enterprise has said hospitals and health centers can also request samples or ask for fabric specifications if they have a specific project they are needed for.

Hospitals in the United States use what is known as the traditional rail system. The biggest problem with traditional hospital curtain tracks and even the system is that it is not easy to use. Tracks can get stuck, require maintenance, and are not portable. Installing a traditional track also requires some work. On average, hospitals spend thousands of dollars on the rail system and its maintenance and still complain about problems. Cabin curtains from PRVC Systems Eliminate all of that by using a system that’s portable, easy to install, and doesn’t cost as much to maintain. If anything, it’s seen as the future of hospital curtains. The curtains can also be used outside of the medical industry in nursing homes and other places that need to quickly create small private spaces to work in.

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Readers can learn more about PRVC Systems by visiting the company’s official website at https://www.hospitalcubiclecurtains.com/fabric.

Hospital administrators know the importance of a curtain fabric that is easy to clean, easy to replace and aesthetically durable. Because of this, PRVC Systems introduces quite a long list of fabrics to ensure there is something for everyone.

“The new fabrics are durable, they look great and are made by some of the finest manufacturing facilities in the US with excellent quality control. We have made sure that these fabrics are not only perfect in every way for our partition system, but also affordable. As a hospital administrator or nursing home owner, choosing these fabrics over the traditionally available fabrics will help transform the aesthetic of your facility.” Said a spokesman for PRVC Systems.

she added “We have made sure these are the best and most durable curtain fabrics in the business. The fabrics available have also been extensively tested and we can safely say that they will last for years, making them perfect for heavy use. Not to mention the fact that our hospital cubicle curtains are easy to install and may only take a few minutes per section.”

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About PRVC Systems™

PRVC Systems™ is an American brand best known for their brand new PRVC systems for cabin and shower curtains. The company’s new systems are designed to make switching easier and faster. The curtains are designed not to bind to the track, ensuring they are quieter compared to traditional grommet curtains on the market.



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