The Office of Immigration Australia is seeking qualified professionals to migrate to Australia

Interested applicants can now take an aptitude test and visit the website for the list of 44 priority jobs Australia is looking for

Office of Immigration Australia is pleased to share the priority List of Qualified Professions in Australia. The fact is that there is currently a shortage of skilled workers in Australia. Australia is the most preferred country for higher education and job prospects. The country promises quality of life and guarantees socio-economic well-being. Glücksland also ranks high in variables such as employment, income, education, housing, security, lifestyle, health and the environment. For those who wish to emigrate to this beautiful country for a prosperous future, now is the time. The Office of Immigration Australia helps qualified professionals understand the application and visa process and determine their eligibility.

Candidates who qualify for an Australian work visa i.e. the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) are those with work experience and educational qualifications as accountants, architects, engineers and medical professionals in various disciplines, nurses, surveyors, social workers, pharmacists, veterinarians, cartographers and cooks. The Qualified Occupations List in Australia includes more than 50 occupations in the above categories. Once a person sees that their industry is on the list of priority migrant jobs, they can start filling it out Online proficiency test on the website. Each participant must pass the exam with at least 65 points.

The Office of Immigration Australia

Results are displayed instantly and candidates are told if they have the minimum score required to apply for an application to live and work in Australia, along with guidance on how to do so Immigration to Australia. The guide consists of several links that provide access to the mandatory immigration forms that must be completed as part of the process. Australia is known as a lucky country for many reasons. One can choose to live anywhere in Australia and enroll in the country’s free family healthcare. Aside from being eligible to become an Australian citizen, they could also sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residency. A qualified visa allows people to stay in the country indefinitely. They become permanent residents on the day the visa is issued.

Australia’s migration program aims to invite migrants who wish to fill vacancies due to the shortage of Australian labour. The skilled migrants are known for their high contribution rates in the workforce, thereby supporting economic growth that leads to more job opportunities. The Office of Immigration Australia assists qualified individuals to understand the migration process and connect individuals to a registered migration agent. Those who are unsure about immigration requirements or need more information on the visa application process can always contact the team for advice. In addition to complete data protection, the agency also relies on maximum security for all online payments.

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About the Australian Immigration Service

The Office of Immigration Australia website assists qualified individuals by providing general information about the migration process and connecting them to RMAs to help them migrate to Australia with the primary goal of obtaining permanent residency and citizenship. The information on the website is general in nature and individuals are encouraged to speak to a registered migration agent for tailored advice.



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